Popeye village, should you visit?

Let me get this straight. I am no fan of Popeye movie. I know, I know but trust me, I did try to watch the movie a couple of times, and failed…

Anyway, we took our kids (3, 8) to the Popeye village thinking it might be fun for them. We got off the bus (the second one, there is no direct link to the village from Sliema or Valletta. I knooow)…


Oh boy! A horrid queue! Our grumpy child (can they be teenagers at 8??) grumbled and moaned that he is going home. So while he was spitting fire (the unpleasant words) and mumbled under his nose, I dragged him to the top of the cliff (hey, what are you thinking, not thaaaat…) to see the village from up there.

Popeye village

A miracle! Suddenly, this unruly child transformed into a (frog?) charming prince. I guess, he was charmed by the magical views of the Popeye village down below.

So we queued.

The Sweethaven village at Anchor bay

The setting is magical, those old colourful wooden houses are super cute! You can walk into some of the houses as you would, forgetting all about the fact that you don’t actually like the movie, but who cares, right?

Visiting in winter

We visited the Popeye village in winter which was actually good time because the sun is low so you can watch the sunset kiss good night those little colourful houses (great for photo addicts like me), entrance fee is more reasonable (cheapskates will appreciate this) and the Christmas decoration is really cute (if you are a scrooge-like, visit in summer).

Oh and guess what, there was Santa, actually working overtime as it was already 2nd of Jan and he was still giving presents (oooh yeah, presents in January who does not like that)!

Santa’s Toy Town

Oh, Santa’s Toy Town, what a lovely place!!! Even the grumpy child of mine beamed with delight while watching elves work.

And then. He said it. Just like that. Out of the blue. ‘This is the best job ever! I wish I was an Elf!!!

I tell you, I almost choked on the water I was trying to drink thinking I am just glad that some wishes don’t come true. Because as he explained, you can’t just become an Elf, you have to be born one and you know what that means. I would have to be one too!!! Sorry, I don’t fancy those funny ears, thank you very much!

Food glorious food

So, this Elf excitement (shock for others) made us really hungry. But luckily the restaurant offers some decent food, nothing extra but when you are hungry, you are actually starving (in my kid’s words). The seating was nice though, very comfy indeed!

Old games

Remember some old games we used to play as kids? Jenga or tic tac toe. You can all play them here, they are really fun, all made of wood and some other games are there too. Great fun for all the family members. Just don’t let the kid win.

Should you visit Popeye village?

To sum up, this little Popeye village is a fun place for your kids (or early teenagers by mood/still children at heart and parents) and I do recommend paying a visit when you are here in Malta for a few simple reasons: It’s picturesque, fun for kids and interesting to see how and where movie was made.


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