From Marsaxlokk to St. Peter’s pool

Marsaxlokk, a fishing village

If you buy any of the guide books about Malta or if you look for places to see in Malta, you can be sure you will find Marsaxlokk in it. It is the largest fishing village of Malta located in the southeast region famous for its open-air fish market, lovely seafront promenade and the harbour anchoring picturesque traditional boats Luzzu.
This street market is an important part of village life where tourists and locals shop side by side. But there is more to it than the seafront shopping.

Boat trips from Marsaxklokk

We looked for a local fisherman offering boat trips around the colourful harbour and to the St. Peter’s pool. There are plenty of them offering trips willing to share local knowledge, tips, and some of the gossip too.

We hop on a little motorboat and off we go. We are guided by a former fisherman who after 20 years at sea decided it was time to retire. ‘It’s hard work’, he said, ‘not many people want to do it nowadays. They prefer to work in the office, it pays better and you don’t get wet’ he laughed with regret. Nor his son or nephews wanted to become fishermen.

The sea is rough, we can’t go too far and the St. Peter’s pool is unreachable for us at least not by the sea.

Walk from Marsaxklokk to St. Peter’s pool

From the seafront promenade, it’s only about 3 km walk to the St. Peter’s pool. Kids beam with excitement looking forward to a place they haven’t been before.

The walk is easy, even for Zara, our 4 years old, who jumps at the opportunity to sing aloud all the way to the pool while Hugo talks to dad about football and all the father and son stuff.

The best part of the trip was not the St. Peter’s pool

We got to the famous place faster than we thought. The views from the top of the hill over the village were amazing. I doubt we would have enjoyed them so much going by car.

At the pool, we met some locals having their summer tents up while cooking barbeque. Some youngsters were jumping off the cliffs and families were spending their quality time.

And the place itself? It’s nice but so small that it gets crowded very quickly.
We spent some time here at the pool where we all had great fun but then we wandered off exploring the area.

Being curious always pays off

There was a path on the right, rather narrow and dangerous-looking but we saw a few people on the site so we decided to follow. And that’s where we hit a jackpot. Huge boulders fallen off the cliff a long time ago created a photographic scenery for me and climbing and jumping challenge for Hugo.
This is what we love about our trips the most. The unexpected discoveries.


Get to Marsaxlokk

  • public transport: from the airport number 119, from Valletta 81 or 85
  • car hire

From Marsaxlokk to St. Peter’s pool

  • walk from the Marsaxlokk seafront, about 3km (20 – 30 minutes)
  • boat trip – during tourist season and when the waters are calm
  • by car – there is a car park with limited places
  • taxi from Marsaxlokk


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