We were charmed by this northern European country. The fresh air, stunning nature, calm way of life… If you like walking in nature, you need to visit Sweden.

And those wooden houses, exactly like the Villa Villekulla depicted in the famous story of Pipi The Longstocking. I couldn’t believe my eyes when we stood right in front of one of these houses looking like the one I imagined my favourite childhood hero lived in.

We adored the wooden mansions, tiny red and white cottages surrounded by fields or little huts sitting close to the water hedge.

Who would not want to live close to a lake where you can just go for a peaceful walk around. Imagine just jumping right in to freshen up in icy water coming home exhausted after a long day at work?
If you more of a romantic soul maybe just taking a little boat emerging yourselves into the sound of the shimmering waves would do the trick.

The choice is yours.

…this is the impression Sweden left on us and we wish we could stay longer.

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