7 reasons why children love Shugborough Estate

You must visit Shugborough Estate if you are looking for a place to visit with your children in the Heart of England. It is situated on the edge of Cannock Chase in West Midland and incorporates a Georgian mansion house, servants’ quarters, walled garden, museum and 900 acres of parkland. There is so much to do and see! We have visited the estate three times so far and I’m sure that we will visit again!

Children love this place and I’m not surprised at all. The whole family can enjoy a great day out here and if you have a dog, take him with you. He will love it as much as you.

Still not convinced? Check this 8 reasons why our 7-year-old son loves Shugborough estate so much.

1, Enormous mansion house and other monuments

The house is beautiful and the guides are very friendly always ready to answer any silly (or not so silly) question my boy asks (trust me, he is like a question machine). I, on the other hand, love the windows. I wish they pulled the blinds up so the rooms with those magnificent ceilings could have been filled with light. Hmmm, I must suggest an event to the manager of the estate ‘A day when the curtains are open and blinds pulled up’. Wouldn’t that be amazing? Sorry, photographer daydreaming again.

Anyway, apart from the mansion house the beautifully maintained garden includes many monuments kids can explore. Our boy loved them because he liked playing hide-and-seek.

2, Children and pram-friendly walks

Are your kids full of beans? Let them run, scream and shout in the parkland. It is so vast that hardly anyone will be bothered. We walked there for miles with our dog and a pram. Most of the walks are on the same level. At the visitor centre ask for a free map and you are ready to explore.

3, Dogs are welcome

Every time we’ve planned a trip or a holiday I’ve got a question: ‘Can Lola go too?’ Every positive answer has always been met with a joyful cheering. You see, our dog Lola is part of our family and leaving her at home just doesn’t feel right. Dogs are allowed to go everywhere apart from the mansion. Even a part of the tea-room is a sheltered sitting especially made for dog-walkers.

4, Climbing opportunities in the ancient woodland

I used to love climbing trees when I was a kid. My little one must have inherited it from me. Wherever we go he always tries to climb one up but most of the time they are too big for him. But not here! He said that these trees were the best ever and he was so very proud of himself when he managed to conquer a few.

5, Museum at the Park Farm

Admittedly, a museum can be a bit boring especially for kids but not this one. Everything there is made with children in mind and I took the opportunity to explain to our boy how every job is important. It seems that nowadays children take everything for granted so I was able to explain to my son how important even the simplest things were and how much the way we do things now changed over the time.

6, Trails and activities

The National Trust always keep children in their mind and it is not different at Shugborough. When we were greeted at the gate and were told about the ’12 way to keep fit’ and ‘Search Robins‘ trails our boys was jumping for joy. I love how simple things can make children so happy!

7, Delicious Hot Chocolate in the tea-room.

After the eventful morning, we stopped at the tea-room where you could treat yourself a bit. Our kids loved chocolate brownies and hot chocolate with marshmallows. I am sure Lola would have appreciated one brownie too but she was awarded a doggie biscuit instead.

Will you give it a go and visit Shugborough Estate? If you do, please let us know how you liked it.