About Funventurers

Funventurers! That’s us. We love exploring, travelling and most of all, we enjoy every day of our life as if there was no other.

The members of our funventurers crew

Hugo is the explorer, Zara is the troublemaker, Daddy is the peacekeeper, Mum is the invisible photo-taker and Lola is the fluffy people-lover! Watch out the last one loves to give kisses to any human who cares to talk to her!!!

We, parents, are born in Slovakia, we lived in Northern Ireland, then England where we became a family. After 11 years of living in the UK, we moved to Spain and now, one year on we live in Malta. Is this going to be our final destination? Who knows…

Moving around

You won’t find full wardrobes and boxes full of toys in our home. That would be insanely cumbersome to move around. Instead, you’ll find thousands and thousands of photos of our fun adventures.

Want to see some of them? Check out our Photo Album.

Our mission

We write about our fun adventures, trips and travels, worries and joys and wish to share our experience with like-minded people like you.

This site is our diary, scrapbook and photobook and you are all welcome to join us on our adventure.

So are you ready? Then… Hold on tight…. off we goooooo!